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CPPAA Founded

China Professional Performing Arts Agency

Due to the rapid increase of business performance, P&C Group registered “China Professional Performing Arts Agency" to handle projects on international performing arts agency. In that year, CPPAA took part in producing 2010 Guangzhou Asian games opening ceremony overseas programs. We organized artists from different countries such as India, South Korea, Pakistan and Indonesia actors to attend the opening ceremony performance. In 2011, CPPAA organized Russian artists to perform for the opening ceremony of The 7th Northeast Asia Expo, the performance achieved the rave reviews from both and audiences and sponsor. In the same year, CPPAA cooperated with China Arts and Entertainment Group to arrange Pyongyang Artistic Troupe to tour China. In 2012, cooperating with China Arts and Entertainment Group again, we established Argentina Tango Troupe and produce a spectacular show to attend opening ceremony performance for the 2nd Ordos International festival. At the end of 2012, CPPAA invited GaelForce to tour China for 15 performances, which achieved the highly acclaimed not only from the fans but also Irish prime minister. At the beginning of 2013, CPPAA organized Indian artists to perform for “2013 Chengdu Temple Fair” for about 20 days, and the number of the audiences is over 500,000.