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We donated the Anti-Japanese War documentary from museum of Taiwan and US to the Beijing Film Academy.

1996       We were invited to participate in the international cultural festivals of Mexico, Costa Rica, and Cuba to discuss cultural exchange cooperation projects.

1997       We organized and arranged “Cuba ANACOUNA Women Band” to make China tour for about 60 performances during three months.

1998       We organized and arranged crew from Jiangsu Television Station to go to US to shooting Chinese TV series ” Farmer Chen Huansheng” in which eulogized rural reform in China;

1999       We organized and sponsored "Brasil Tropical Ensemble" to tour China for about 29 performances during more than one month.

We arranged “Cuba Lizt Ballet” to perform in Los Angeles.

We registered "Qunxing Culture Exchange Co. Ltd" in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu.

We organized and sponsored “Charme Do Brazil” and “Paris Paradise Ensemble" to make China tour for about 46 performances.

For ten years, we have invited and received 66 delegations to visit China from different fields in the United States. Meantime, we arranged 120 Chinese delegations to visit US or Europe.