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We held the post of general issuer of newspaper “People's Daily”, “Outlook Weekly”, “The Overseas Chinese Times” and “Asian Today” in the southern California, Arizona and Nevada;

1986    We cooperated with "Beijing Film Academy", "Central Studio of News Reels Production" to sponsor “The first International Short Film Festival in Beijing and Shanghai, also introduce 36 excellent short films from the United States and Canada to the people in film and television industry in China.
We cooperated with “Shenzhen University” and some TV stations in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Baotou to translate and introduce America management science and safety education films to China;

We planned and promoted tourism projects "To Tour China by Train", and worked with China Academy of Railway Science to hold "Chinese Culture summer camp", meantime organized American students to come to Beijing to learn Chinese and experience Chinese culture.

1988       On behalf of America AMC Company and America NCS Company, we cooperated with Ministry of radio, film and television of the People's Republic of China and other organizations in the film field in Beijing, Shanghai to establish joint cinemas with multi-hall.

1989     We has been actively participating in famous international trade show in “Olympic Center, London”.

As a consultant of "Association of Veteran of U.S. Marine Corps", we organized and arranged the first “US Anti-Japanese veteran Delegation'” to visit China, since then, we organized more than 50 US Anti-Japanese veteran delegations to visit China.