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1983    " China America Film & TV Company Inc. " Was registered in California to promote cultural exchanges between China and America;

 "The First China international Film Festival" was hold to introduce systematically and show 60 Chinese typical movies and documentaries in Los Angeles facing American audiences and overseas Chinese for the first time.
1984    We shot a documentary film " From Niagara Falls to the Great Wall” in North Carolina, Washington and Buffalo, Dr. Haide Ma returned to his hometown in the United States for the first time since he lived in China for more than 50 years later; 

 We Invited and organized " Chinese Folk Arts Group " headed by the crosstalk master Hou Baolin to have performance tour in New York, Washington, Los Angeles and San Francisco;
    We received “China News Delegation" and "Chinese Acrobatic Arts Group" that visited America together with "China Olympic Sports Delegation.
1985    We incorporated "PCDC companies” in Arizona to promote the projects in the field of culture and tourism.

We invited and sponsored "China Changchun Acrobatic Troupe" to tour 23 state universities of the United States;